In Corpus Christi, Texas a much-needed and revolutionary medical clinic is opening its doors to serve the uninsured and underinsured at NO COST.

The clinic is a brainchild of Dr. John and Lynette Navar, who, over several decades in the Coastal Bend, saw first-hand the great need in the community.

"If a person has good health insurance they can get just about any kind of care they want but one out of six Texans are uninsured even though they are working," Navar said.


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Starting January 15, 2024, Compassionate Care Clinic offers free medical services to those in need. "Feeling that they are in good hands, they have a place to go and they just have a sense of relief," Medical director Andrew Aoshima explained.

The clinic's schedule is designed to accommodate various needs. Adult medical care will be offered during the following hours:

Monday- 8 am-4pm

Tuesday- 8 am-4pm

Wednesday- 8 am-4pm

Thursday- 12 pm -8pm

Beyond medical consultations, the clinic offers:

  • prescription assistance
  • wellness program
  • healthy cooking classes,
  •  diabetes education
  • holistic care
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The clinic's mission is simple yet profound: to serve the uninsured and underserved with free medical services and compassionate care. Every staff member is dedicated to this mission, making the clinic not just a healthcare provider but a beacon of hope.

As the Compassionate Care Clinic opens its doors, it brings renewed hope to South Texas. It demonstrates that a caring community can create positive change. This center of compassion will undoubtedly heal and support many in the days ahead. To schedule an appointment, call 361-500-0122.

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