Farmer Wants a Wife Season 2 wrapped on Thursday (May 9), and with the final couples being revealed, the question now is, which couples are still together?

We won't know for sure until the season's reunion special, but for now let's recap which couples ended up together.

This season showcased four farmers looking for love with women from all across the country. Ty Ferrell, Mitchell Kolinsky, Brandon Rogers and Nathan Smothers each had five women join them on their farms for several weeks in an effort to form a connection with one special person.

How Does Farmer Wants a Wife Work?

Unlike other dating shows, the farmers don't have to eliminate someone each week. Instead, they work to get to know the women on their own schedule, and either the farmer or one of the women can elect to end things whenever they see fit.

Much like Season 1, three out of the four farmers left the season with a woman on their arm; however, not every connection has been strong enough to endure real life since the cameras went off.

How Did Ty Ferrell Finish on Farmer Wants a Wife?

Despite receiving his daughter's blessing to choose either of his two finalists — Megan or Melody — Ty finished the season alone.

“What I’m looking for in somebody is still the same,” Farmer Ty shares with Taste of Country. “It’s somebody I can share this time of my life with. At times I wonder if it’s too much, do I need to change some things.”

“We’re all looking for something, and I think when that person walks into our lives and we find that, then that’s exactly when we know what we need.”

Is Mitchell Kolinsky Still With Sydney From Farmer Wants a Wife?

After a visit with both Sydney and Kait's families, Mitchell selected Sydney in the end. Fireworks were flying between these two early on with their shared love of the outdoors, and the spark only grew into a flame as the season went on. The pair ended the season together, but we'll have to wait for the reunion to see if the couple is still together.

“We can't do long-distance forever. We've talked about this, and the plan is within the next year, her moving down here and maybe in a couple years, a wedding. Yeah,” he confidently says.

“I've always had a hard time with, like, committing to some things, and now I realize why. I think it's 'cause he came into my life, actually,” she shares. "The first 10 minutes I met him, I was like, 'I'm, like, already committed to this man for some reason.' That's why I never left when the new girl came."

“First time I saw her was a picture, but then when I got to know her, it was the multiple cherries on top that she likes to fish and she loves to be outdoors,” he shares.

“And she wants to raise a family the way I want to raise a family. That's really important. And she could be that nurturing mother, you know, of my kids. So I'm not looking at just, you know, a short-term thing here. I'm looking at the big picture. And she checked a lot of boxes.”


Are Brandon Rogers and Grace From Farmer Wants a Wife Still Together?

It was clear that Brandon had a connection with both Grace and Emerson, but he chose Grace in the finale. The pair had a great one-on-one date early on in the season, but it seemed as if Grace faded into the background at times. Ultimately he chose Grace in the end, but we'll have to wait for the reunion to see if their flame is still ignited.

Their connection was a slow burn as the weeks went on, but unfortunately, the flame has gone out.

Is Nathan Smothers From Farmer Wants a Wife Still With Taylor?

Nathan may have hit it off with Allye later in the season, but nothing could smother the fire he has with Taylor, whom he ultimately chose. It was evident the two had a connection after their one-on-one date, which Taylor described as the best date she had ever been on.

"Basically, I don't expect Taylor to move here,” Smothers shares. “I want her to want to move here. I'm not gonna put pressure on her by any means because she's giving up a whole entire life in Dallas, and how unfair would it be for me to give an ultimatum and be like, 'Okay, well, you have to give up everything just to be with me.'”

“I want there to be a want to be here. So with that being said, kind of the plan that we've came up with is hopefully her lease ends in Dallas between, like, September and November. She could have an extension period. And so the goal and the plan is for her to move down during that time period.”

“So, in the meanwhile, we'll take a couple trips, see each other and enjoy this time in our relationship where we can. Just really appreciate when we do have time together.”

Will There Be a Farmer Wants a Wife Season Three?

The network has not revealed whether there will be another season of Farmer Wants a Wife.

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