Two women apparently invented a new form of a robbery by using a corpse.

Cleveland natives Karen Casbohm and Loreen Feralo were officially charged with theft and gross abuse of a corpse after using a man's body to obtain his bank funds.

The pair, along with the assistance of an unidentified third person, allegedly used the deceased body of 80-year-old Douglas Layman in the passenger seat of their car and drove to his bank to withdraw money from his account on Monday (Mar. 4). They propped him up in a way that the teller could see him, as his bank previously let them withdraw his money as long as they were accompanied by him.

The women were roommates with Layman, as one of them was in a relationship with him for several years while the other moved in with them a few months prior.

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After they successfully obtained an undisclosed amount of his cash, the women then left his corpse at the local Ashtabula County Medical Center emergency room. According to the report, the women didn't identify themselves nor Layman. The women later told authorities that he passed away at his home prior to their car ride.

"Allegedly, they wanted to pay some bills but outside of that, there wasn’t a specific motivation provided," Lt Mike Palinkas told WEWS-TV of their motivation for their crime.

Both women were arrested and charged, in addition, Feralo is also facing additional drug charges.

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