Texas A&M football is in disarray following a 17-14 home loss to Appalachian State last Saturday.

To make things worse, A&M's traditional "Yell Practice" that takes place the night before football games came under scrutiny as well following a cringe-worthy video of an awful attempt at comedy as a yell leader made offensive jokes about Appalachian State.

Top prospects were watching the events unfold, with top-ranked running back Reuben Owens (a native of Texas) canceling his recruiting visit.

Needless to say, it hasn't been a good week in College Station.

The Aggies paid the Mountaineers $1.5 million to come to play, and App State happily took the check, the spotlight, and left Texas A&M fans wondering how bad things may get with head coach Jimbo Fisher.

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Fisher was hired in 2018 after Texas A&M fired Kevin Sumlin, whom the Aggies reportedly owed $10 million in buyout money at the time of his release in 2017.

Through his first 50 games, Sumlin had a better resume than Fisher, who is paid $9 million annually.

While Sumlin's buyout was $10 million, Fisher's is astronomically higher.

How much would it cost for the Aggies to move on from Fisher?

It would be the most expensive buyout in sports history at $85.6 million.

Fisher's agent Jimmy Sexton finessed the Aggies athletic department to sign Fisher to a massive extension last offseason, despite the fact he was coming off an 8-4 season with a 4-4 mark in SEC play.

It seems inflation has impacted everything, including the buyouts for college football coaches.

Even a hot dog costs an average of $5.22 according to indollars.com. (on a sidenote, that's almost as ridiculous as Jimbo's buyout)

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