Could Texas follow in the footsteps of Tennessee and consider a law making it illegal to sell cold beer? Really, they are considering that... Do you think this would pass in Texas?

First of all, why would state legislators even consider such a weird law? Not that some Texas liquor laws aren't already a little strange.

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Do you think this would ever pass in the Lone Star State?

Here in Texas, I don't think this would pass. (If it did, it would get about as much attention as jay walking.) We Texans are fiercely independent and don't really like following the needed laws. We'd never go for one that is pointless and, quite frankly, a dumb idea.

So, What is the point behind banning the sale of cold beer?

In Tennessee's case, the idea behind it is understandable. Reducing drunk driving is the goal, but how warming up all the beer will help; I don't get.

Drunk driving is dangerous and way too many people are hurt or killed every year because of it. I think we pretty much all agree that it's stupid and needs to be stopped.

I don't think this law will help any though. Most drunk driving occurs when people are leaving a bar or a party, not from the store to their house. If they were already drunk when they got to the store, the clerk's obligated not to sell the beer at all.

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I know it's not a flawless system but that's the way it is. Making stores sell warm beer won't change the fact that someone has already had too much. All this does is aggravate responsible drinkers who will have to put their beer in the freezer for a while.

I've done this and, on many occasions, forgot about some and wound up with beer slushies. Yuck.

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