Cowboys fans around the world finally got to hear Jerry Jones admit the truth during a press conference yesterday.

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We've all heard the phrase before. Owners own and coaches coach. When they try to interfere with each other, that's when things tend to go wrong. You may disagree with me on this, but Jerry Jones is one of the best owners in professional sports. His job as owner is to build up that brand and make sure the Cowboys are always the talk of the NFL. If you don't think he is doing that, I'm sorry you're delusional.


Now Jerry Jones the general manger is a different story. Jerry has been the GM since 1989 when he bought the team, however Jimmy Johnson had final say on all decisions. So if Jerry wanted to make a move, he couldn't. After winning a Super Bowl, Jerry got a little cocky. He wanted more say in the team and Jimmy basically said what he was doing was working, why change?

Jerry was quoted as saying, "500 coaches could have won the Super Bowl with our team.” Everyone would agree without Jimmy's trades and coaching, the Cowboys would not have done what they did in the 90s. Yes, Jerry Jones hired Jimmy Johnson and he should get credit for that. Saying that any coach could have won that Super Bowl is ridiculous.


For years, we have been wanting to hear Jerry say he was wrong for what he did to Jimmy. Yesterday, the Cowboys had their opening training camp press conference in Oxnard. Jerry started talking about those days and he talked about when Barry Switzer came in for a meeting with him. It seems like Barry had no idea he was being interviewed for the head coaching job.

He asked Jerry where's Jimmy? He wanted to get both of them in a room and ask them how could you f*** this up? He then goes onto say how ridiculous it was and that it was his role to keep it together. As Cowboys fans we have to think, what could have been. If you want to check out that clip, it's about 54 mins in the video above.

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