Could you imagine the ratings if this were to happen?!

In case you have not been keeping up with this story over the past couple of months. A woman by the name of Alexandra Davis is claiming that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is her father. According to a story from her mother, Jerry and her mother hooked up at some point in the mid-90's. Jerry has allegedly been paying this family 'hush money' to keep this thing quiet for years.

Alexandra is not being quiet anymore. She believes that Jerry Jones is her father and she wants to prove it. Over the past couple of months, the statement that the Jones' have put out have basically said all of these allegations are false. I really didn't think this story was going anywhere a few months ago, so I really didn't cover it. I assume Jerry Jones gets blackmailed every day, so this was just the one for that day.

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However, this story just got VERY interesting. According to the Associated Press, a North Texas judge has ordered Jerry Jones to take a paternity test. His lawyers are currently appealing this, so we will see if this actually has to go down. Some people, think this girl is extorting Jerry for money.

According to reports, she doesn't want anything except wanting to know who her father is. I imagine any kid in a situation like this would want to know who her biological father is. Her mother is the one who told her of this alleged hookup in the mid 90's. If this paternity test goes down. Jerry has to go on Maury for the test results.

Let's be honest, if this test has to go down. The results will come out to the public eventually. Come on Jerry, imagine the ratings for whatever outcome it is. If you're not the father, you can do your little Papa Johns dance to celebrate.


However, if you're the father...boy do we have an interesting turn of events. I'm just saying Jerry Jones loves attention and he loves to make a spectacle of things. Jerry if you have to take the paternity test. Make this a Maury prime time special!

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