Never one to hide his feelings, Jon Stewart vented his irritation last night at Gov. Abbott and others who believe the U.S. Government is planning a takeover of Texas.

Opening with coverage of the Garland, TX shooting at the anti-Islamic cartoon contest, Stewart reiterated the basic rule that its never OK to shoot someone because they drew something that offended you, even if they drew it to offend you.  After five minutes, Stewart's monologue shifted to Jade Helm 15 military exercises, with Texas being one of seven states for the exercises.  Conspiracy theorists have labeled such exercises as the government's preparation to institute Martial Law in Texas, with one Fox News anchor calling it a Texas Takeover, to which Stewart went on the attack,

You know whose calling it a 'Texas Takeover'?  Lonestar lunatics.  Dallas dipsh*ts.  Houston a**holes.  Texas, there's no Texas Takeover.  The United States Government already controls Texas, since like the 1840s.  And then you left and you came back.  Just borrow a text book from a neighboring state, its all in there.

Stewart went on to criticize Governor Abbott's use of the State Guard to monitor troop movements, saying it was a waste of resources and likening a battle between the State Guard and the U.S. Military to a fight between an 8-year-old and the Predator.  Stewart then reminded viewers that training exercises like this have been going on in Texas for years, such as the 2001 Roving Sands exercise.

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