It's a beautiful sight. One that hasn't been seen in Texoma for 20 years. Lake Kickapoo is running over its spillway.

"I've never seen water flowing over the spillway like that." said a 15-year Wichita Falls resident. "It's something I thought I would never see, let alone so quickly," he said.

Just one month ago Lake Kickapoo was a measly 27.8 percent full, a week ago 64.1 percent full, and as of Thursday morning, the lake is 100 percent full and flowing over the spillway and going directly downstream to Lake Arrowhead via the Little Wichita river.

As of Friday, Lake Arrowhead is 82.7 percent full - a drastic improvement from the 18.9 percent just a few months ago. That puts the combined levels of the two city water sources at 87.4 percent.

Check out the flowing Lake Kickapoo spillway in the video above and gallery below.