This morning the Wichita Falls City Council voted to roll back some of the restrictions on water usage.  Now that that the combined total of lakes Kickapoo and Arrowhead have passed the 50 percent mark, councilors feel confident enough to take the city back to Stage 3 restriction levels.

This means that outdoor watering of lawns, trees and other plants can take place.  Residents and businesses may now use automatic sprinkler systems from 2 am to 7 am and hose end sprinklers may be used from 8 pm to 12 midnight on designated days as shown on the Water Zone Map.

Car washes will now only have to close one day per week.  Golf courses are permitted to water greens at any time.  Wichita Falls currently has one public golf course, Champions/Weeks Park, which has been irrigating with re-use water.  It’s not known at this time if that practice will continue.  The Wichita Falls Country Club has signs in place advising they are irrigating with well water.

Restaurants are still only permitted to provide drinking water upon request and are still prohibited from cleaning with spray hoses.  Pool owners may refill pools that are partially drained for repair and ‘water features’, such as slides, fountains and waterfalls, remain prohibited.  Surcharges for usage above 10 units per month are reduced slightly: $1 for 10 CCF to 20 CCF; $2 for 20 CCF to 40 CCF for residential customers.

You can see a complete list of Stage 3 restrictions and surcharges by clicking here.

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