The Resource Center, a service center for the LGBT community in Dallas, is asking the city to cut ties with former Wichita Falls pastor Robert Jeffress after comments he made on a radio show.

On the conservative talk show 'Washington Watch with Tony Perkins', Jeffress said that businesses that boycott states based on the state's laws are a bigger threat to religious liberty than ISIS.  Jeffress says that while he stands by his statement, he feels his statement is being misrepresented by the press who rephrase it as "Jeffress says LGBT businesses are worse than ISIS."  According to Jeffress,

We believe in the free exercise of religion and to protect that is not anti-gay or homophobic.  It's part of what America is about.

Rafael McDonnell with the Resource Center said that Jeffress' statement crossed a line that should never be crossed,

That ends up becoming a dangerous game if he wishes to silence the expression of people to state positions.

The Resource Center is asking the city to cut ties with Pastor Jeffress and his church after the city announced a joint venture with Jeffress' church to offer counseling and other support services to local law enforcement.  McDonnell says the Resource Center supports the program for local law enforcement, but they believe it is in the city's best interest to distance themselves from Jeffress after his recent comments.

via WFAA

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