Just when I think I’ve seen the most repulsive things, someone manages to go yet another bridge too far. What this amounts to, in my opinion, is nothing short of the sexual exploitation of a child. Child Protective Services has removed children from homes for less than this.  Yet, the media at large and apparently millions of people have no problem with it. If you find this acceptable, frankly, you need your head examined.

Early in December, an 11-year-old boy named Desmond Napoles, who appears on YouTube and other places around the web as ‘Desmond is Amazing’, danced in drag at a gay bar in Brooklyn, NY called the 3 Dollar Bill. Sources say the child danced ‘provocatively’ as adult males threw dollar bills at him. You know, as if he were a stripper. As reported by World Net Daily… “in a crop top and full face of makeup as a throng of adult men in the audience showered him in dollar bills.”
This is beyond sick and disgusting. He’s 11 years old!  Where were his parents you may ask? Apparently, right there cheering him on with the rest of the twisted crowd. Yes, mom and dad are sanctioning this garbage. What is wrong with our society? Why are we allowing this to happen? This is an 11-year-old child. No child that age should even be aware of any of this, much less taking part in it. He. Is. A. Child. What part of that does no one understand?

Desmond appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America, strutting down a runway, in drag, to the cheers and delight of the audience. Frankly, it sickens and saddens me to even share this video clip, but you need to see the GMA hosts and audience cheering this on.

Let’s change this up a bit. What if it were an 11-year-old girl, dancing at strip club or any other kind of club for that matter. Would you be outraged? Of course, you would. And CPS would break their necks removing that girl from whatever home setting she was living in. And, furthermore, someone would damn sure go to jail. But yet, here we have an 11-year-old boy, who’s being hailed as some kind of hero for the LGBTQ ‘community’, and he’s being paraded around like a piece of meat for the entertainment of adults. In any other form, we’d call this pedophilia. Yet this is being hailed as something groundbreaking and even celebratory.

This is out of control and needs to be stopped, but as long as we, as a society, continue to normalize and accept that which is completely out of bounds, it won’t stop. Exploiting a child this way is abuse. I don’t care what you do as an adult. You’re a man who wants to dress up as a woman and parade around this way? Go for it. A woman who wants to dress as a man and engage in the same behavior-be my guest. But stop sexually exploiting children. An 11-year-old boy, or girl, dancing around this way and having money tossed at them (even if fully clothed) for the entertainment of adults is sexual exploitation of a child. There is no other way to characterize it.





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