If the rumors are to be believed, Wichita Falls' Keith Lee impressed all the right people at last night's WWE Survivor Series.

It could be argued that Keith Lee had the greatest weekend of his career with appearances at NXT Takeover: WarGames and WWE Survivor Series. After a grueling match Saturday night in the double-cage main event for NXT Takeover, Lee was announced as one of five members representing NXT in the men's elimination match the following night at Survivor Series.

Lee was given a prime spot in the match, not only being the last remaining member of the NXT team, but eliminating Seth Rollins and going one-on-one with Roman Reigns in the final minutes of the match. The Chicago crowd was behind Lee, chanting "Oh, bask in his glory" when it came down to Lee, Rollins, and Reigns. After being pinned by Reigns, Lee was given the stamp of approval from Reigns, but Lee also reportedly impressed Vince McMahon.

As reported by NoDQ.com, insiders within the WWE say that Lee has many supporters in the company due to his work ethic, and Vince has been greatly impressed with Lee's abilities in the ring and his charisma. Its believed that Lee will be moved to Raw or Smackdown early into 2020, and could be placed in a high position, possibly in a feud for either brand's main title.

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