Some of the most iconic cartoon characters of all time are from Dallas?!

The Creator of Bugs and Daffy

You may not know the name Frederick “Tex” Bean Avery, but he helped create some of your favorite childhood cartoon characters. He was a big part of creating Looney Tunes back in the day and two characters he stated were inspired by his time in Dallas, Texas.

Tex Avery's Texas Upbringing

He actually was born in Taylor, Texas, but spent his high school years in Dallas. During his high school days, a popular phrase would go onto become one of the most iconic cartoon lines of all time.

"Eh...What's Up Doc"

Back in 1940, Bugs Bunny made his debut in cartoon called "A Wild Hare" in it he would say what would go on to become his iconic catchphrase. 'What's Up Doc?', which was apparently something Tex learned when he went to Dallas North High School. He says all the kids in school were saying it when he moved there, so the popular Dallas lingo in the 1920's would become a catchphrase for his new cartoon rabbit.

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Although Tex is not the voice of Bugs Bunny, that would go to the iconic Mel Blanc. It is stated that Bugs' personality is credited to Tex Avery. Here is what I also learned today. Bugs Bunny many would consider the 'face' of Looney Tunes. Turns out Daffy Duck had a cartoon before him, several years in fact.

First Daffy Duck Cartoon

Three years before Bugs made his debut, Daffy Duck was entertaining kids. Tex has said Daffy was born in White Rock Lake in Dallas, which is where he spent sometime duck hunting as kid. I like to imagine some duck tormented him as a child and that is why Daffy is the iconic character he is all these years later. If you want more on the history of Tex Avery, you can check that out here.


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