Is your favorite grocery store about to close its doors? 

I’m one of those people who is very particular when it comes to getting groceries. Sure, I’m always looking for a good deal, but quality is much more important to me. 

Of course, a great selection is also an important factor. Once I’ve found a grocery store with the right mix of quality, value, and selection, I rarely shop elsewhere.

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So, I was concerned when I saw that a major grocery store would be closing several of its Texas locations.

Finance Buzz reports that over 400 towns across the country will be losing their Kroger or Albertsons. The closings are due to the merger between the two grocery chains.

The Kroger Co. Corporate Headquarters
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As of this posting, Kroger and Albertsons are waiting for the merger to be approved. Due to federal trade regulations, the chains agreed to offload over 400 stores and other assets to gain approval. 

What will happen to your local store? 

C&S Wholesale Grocers has agreed to purchase the locations from Kroger and Albertsons. The wholesaler is the largest in the United States and is the owner of Piggly Wiggly, meaning the chain could be coming to your town. 

How many locations in Texas will be included in the sale? 

While it’s unclear which stores will be closed, the company announced it would be selling 28 Albertsons locations. Texas is home to 44 Albertsons stores, making it the second-biggest state for the chain. 

Top Grocery Retailer Kroger To Acquire Rival Albertsons For $24.6 Billion
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When will the changes take effect? 

If you know anything about how the federal government works, you know nothing happens quickly. According to Axios, the FTC likely won’t decide until February.

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