We have one more day of September and people are already acting like it's Halloween.

About a month ago, we reported that there were some strange clown sightings in North Carolina. Some suspected it was a promotional stunt for Rob Zombie's movie '31'. He actually had to issue a statement saying the clowns had nothing to do with him or his movie company.

Ever since then, I can't go a day without hearing about a creepy clown sighting. Seriously, it's an epidemic. You Google clown sighting USA, stories pop up like crazy.

Someone snapped a photo of this clown in Plano, KY the other night. She said it was in her daughter's backyard and that cops were looking for it (no pun intended). I wouldn't be going on people's property dressed as a clown. That's how you get a dead clown.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story stated that the clown sighting above was from Plano, Tex. After further investigation it appears that the photo is actually from Plano, KY. Either way, it's creepy as hell.