The legend of the Flying Dutchman go way back to the late 1700s when some say the ship was unable to make it into port and sunk in bad weather, leaving her hands to sail her forever as ghosts. That ship may have finally made it in with the appearance of a ghostly ship on the Delaware River in Philadelphia.



As fanciful as the story is, this ship, now shimmering under the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, is made up of water, lights and geometry, creating a holographic image that moves and swirls in the evening breezes.

This hologram took more than six months to put together and will be on display until November 3rd. And is not the first of its kind, another holographic ghost ship appeared in the Netherlands in 2014.



Is it the Flying Dutchman finally making it into port? Or is it just the beginning of the zombie apocalypse? Either way, it's a pretty cool sight around Halloween.



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