I love a mystery, and we've got a doozy in Wichita Falls right now.

You may have noticed some mysterious dark streaks on one side of some of the roads in town lately. Have you wondered what's causing them? They seem to appear from nowhere, yet they go on for miles. But almost always only going one direction on the streets you find them on.

One possible explanation is an ultra top secret military exercise. Something along the lines of chemtrails following jet aircraft but ... dare I say ... more ... down to earth?

Chemtrails, as you know if you've been listening to NewsTalk 1290 in the wee hours of the mornings, have been widely reported around the planet, but especially here in the United States, and have been blamed for everything from weather control to dispersion of infectious diseases by nefarious factions within our own government. Some people swear by chemtrails, some swear at them, some swear it's all bogus. Here's what wikipedia has to say about chemtrails.

But what about the strange trails on our streets? In an effort to get to the bottom of the situation I asked my unnamed connection within the Wichita Falls Police Department. He said that, yes, the department had noted the mysterious marks and they were investigating, but as of yet had no conclusive evidence pointing to it's source. No luck there.

Let's think this through. The lines are big and long, they could be seen from the air, maybe even low orbit with the right optical gear or extraterrestrial eyes. Could this be a Wichita Falls version of the Nazca Lines in Peru?


The Nazca Lines have perplexed and amazed people for centuries, and there's still no explanation. Visible from the air, the lines depict monkeys, hummingbirds, fish, lizards and more, even what some claim to be a spaceman. Some say they are the ancient equivalent of road signs for the extraterrestrial beings that seeded human life on this planet. I'm not sure what or who created them, but they are interesting and I'd love to see them in person some day.

But what of the mysterious markings on our streets? I haven't seen any extraterrestrials with paint brushes skulking along Kell Boulevard lately, have you?

Now that I think about it, the weather has been a tad on the warmish side lately, could the street surface have become hot enough to melt the rubber off the tires of the cars going down the street? Nah. That doesn't make sense, because then we'd see the marks going both directions.


Let's recap. The strange markings have been appearing around Wichita Falls for a couple of weeks. Sometimes appearing as a wide dark stain covering an entire lane, sometimes as twin trails running parallel to each other, sometimes heavy in one lane while almost nonexistent in the next lane over even when traffic in that lane is going the same direction.

How long will they remain?

Will we ever know who or what is producing them?

Will we ever know why?

I love a mystery.

Where's George Noory when you need him?

Dave D.