Soooooo we got a lot of naked guys doing weird things in Texas recently.

Just last week in Wichita Falls, we had a naked guy going around licking windows. Creepy, but this guy over in Spring, Texas is busting windows. Surveillance footage from the home caught the strange incident. The guy is seen patrolling the house in his birthday suit, however he did leave the house with shoes on.

He goes to the back and takes a baseball bat to a back window. The alarm going off was not enough to deter the man from entering. He wanders around the house and police would arrest him later the day. Thank goodness no one was in the home at the time. In fact the family that lives there was over in Virginia.

They were not in that home anymore due to rising crime in the area. “Just overall, I felt like things were getting closer and closer, from a crime perspective you know,” homeowner Scott Faisal said. “Home burglaries, stores, you know, things like that, so it just made us reevaluate our decision to stay there.” Good call Scott, I think you definitely made the right decision here.

Harris County Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman said it appeared the man was on drugs and says he has been charged with burglary of a habitation. So in conclusion, don't do drugs kids. Whatever the hell this guy was on and the guy mentioned earlier in Wichita Falls. Those drugs make you want to do weird things to windows while naked.

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