'The Simple Greek', formerly known as 'My Big Fat Greek Gyro', is getting its first national franchise location here in Wichita Falls.

Local owner Dr. Hossein Ghanbari found out about 'My Big Fat Greek Gyro' two years ago when it was featured on the television show 'The Profit'. Marcus Lemonis was brought in to help the struggling Pittsburgh business, partnering with the owners and rebranding it as 'The Simple Greek'. Dr. Ghanbari and his wife discussed the possibilities of bringing the restaurant to the Falls, eventually filling out an application for franchise. Dr. Ghanbari and his wife were invited to visit the company's Chicago location, telling Times Record News they were immensely impressed with the quality of the food and fresh food options it would give consumers,

We were fascinated. This food was delicious. The concept was great because of the fresh food. People now like fresh food, they don't want spicy, greasy food. They don't want frozen food. This is fresh food.

'The Simple Greek' features Gyros, salads, and a yogurt bar in an assembly-line formation with causal dining seating, with all meats and ingredients made fresh daily.

Factoring in time for location remodeling and the hiring of a staff, the estimated opening for the Market Street Plaza location in Wichita Falls is the end of November. In a press release, 'The Simple Greek' noted that the Wichita Falls location isn't the only franchise coming soon, with fifty other locations opening across the country in the next few months.

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