A group of North Texas educators have sent a letter to Governor Abbott requesting 6 to 9 weeks of remote learning to begin the 2020-2021 school year.

The request comes as coronavirus cases are on the rise here in Texas.

The letter, sent by Dallas and Fort Worth ISD superintendents and board presidents as well as other school officials in the state asks the Governor to allow full online learning for the first 6 to 9 weeks of the school year without losing funding from the state.

Fort Worth ISD Board President Jacinto Ramos, Jr. urged Governor Abbott to allow for greater flexibility to address health concerns:

We can't be silent. We have serious concerns and thoughts about what's taking place surrounding this pandemic. To set a floor for average daily attendance for the next year, we need to make sure there's some financial stability to keep our systems moving forward. Number two: we want to allow school districts the flexibility to design instructural systems that meet the needs of our families and staff given local health conditions. Third point is to allow schools to prohibit students from attending school if they have come into contact or exposed to individuals diagnosed with COVID19.

Earlier this month, Governor Abbott suggested that virtual classes are a possibility for Texas schools this fall.

Classes are currently set to resume on August 20 in Wichita Falls.

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