We have heard about the overprotective father before, this guy was just downright nuts.

This past Friday, Arlington police responded to a shooting and hit and run at the Lincoln Square Shopping Center near AT&T Stadium. The victim was Omar Soto and his girlfriend whose identity has not been released at this time. The two were walking out of the movie theater and were cut off by the girlfriend's father in his vehicle. 43-year-old Rafael Brena Arteaga was the driver and father of the girl.

Location of Lincoln Square Shopping Center from Google

A witness said Soto was trying to introduce himself to Artega. During that exchange, Artega shot him several times then jumped into his vehicle and drove off running over Soto and his own daughter. Officers later found Arteaga's vehicle on the west side of the city. After trying to communicate with him and receiving no response, officers approached the vehicle and found him dead inside from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Photo of Omar Soto

Artega was known to be very possessive and overprotective of his daughter. The investigation into the murder-suicide is ongoing and police have not yet confirmed a motive for the shooting.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Omar Soto's funeral arrangements. His girlfriend remains in the hospital with serious injuries after being run over.

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