Rodolfo Arellano of Fort Worth has been accused of kidnapping and killing his wife. The two were separated at the time. Elizabeth Arellano's body was found Loop 820 bridge over Lake Worth. Police began investigating Rodolfo after he lied to police about his whereabouts the night of the incident.

Police originally thought this was a possible suicide. A witness who had been fishing later told police he saw a woman being thrown off the bridge. Police believed Rodolfo tied a rope around Elizabeth, that was then attached to a piece of concrete. Both items were found in the lake.

Police showed Rodolfo's oldest son the pictures of the rope and concrete. He recognized both the items. “He recognized the rope recovered from the crime scene… He recalled playing with that rope in his backyard and noticed it was gone."

On the concrete, Rodolfo's son said, “It looked similar to one recently seen in his backyard after his father replaced a fence." Family members of Rodolfo would go on to say he would never hurt his wife.

Rodolfo is now charged with capital murder. He’s being held in the Mansfield jail on a $500,000 bond.

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