Kids were ready to play on this during the summer and someone had to go ruin it. 

Youth World on West Wheatland Road in Dallas had a lovely new playground for their summer program. I said 'had' because 18-year-old Joaquise King has been accused of burning the playground down. The playground was only open for a few weeks and was really getting ready to see some action during the summer program. Sadly, kids will not be playing on this equipment.

"The jungle gym is a melted mess. The rock wall and sliding boards are burned. Singed metal stairs and poles are all that remain of Youth World’s playground," according to Youth World’s Executive Director Darla Shirley. Darla said the summer program starts Monday and about 400 kids were ready to use the new playground.

The playground was a recent gift from the Dallas Stars Foundation. Police say King and an 11-year-old scaled a fence and set the fire. The criminal mischief was allegedly caught on surveillance cameras at a nearby apartment complex. The summer program is still on, but kids will have to find another area to play in during that playground time.

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