Heartbreaking news for a North Texas family over the weekend.

Tragedy Over in Jacksboro, Texas

A family is in mourning after seventeen-year-old Madison Lewis passed away. Madison had spent the past few weeks in the burn ward Parkland Hospital in Dallas. She had undergone multiple surgeries and had been placed in a medically induced coma. Sadly, Madison passed away on Saturday night.

What Happened to Madison Lewis?

Madison was set on fire during a holiday party. Madison was apparently standing near a burn barrel at a party. Someone at the party threw a pan of gasoline into the burn barrel, that went everywhere and since Madison was standing next to it, had 90% of her body burned.

"I thought it was a cup at first, but now I found out that it was an actual pan full of gasoline into the barrel, and they say that it just exploded and just went in her direction," Lewis' mother, Ericca Hammond, said previously. "It was devastating. Completely burned her whole body."

How You Can Help the Family

With this horrific news has lead to people wanting to help out. Apparently, Coker Funeral Home in Jacksboro, Texas is planning the funeral for the family. Folks that would like to help out this family during this time can help pay for the funeral at the Coker Funeral Home directly. Their number is (940)-567-3778.

Who Burned Madison Lewis?

A name has not been released at this time as to who did this Madison at this party over Christmas break. All the family has said is it was a boy at the party. No word on what happens to this individual now that Madison has passed away.

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