My favorite month of the year is kicking off on Saturday, and if you want to get in the Halloween spirit, I have a fun day for you!

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Now we have already talked about the Base Camp Lindsey Haunted House, looks like that will be starting on October 14th. What if you want Halloween activities now? Well good news, we got some great stuff starting on Saturday. Just a friendly reminder the Base Camp Lindsey is intended for folks 12 and up. However, these activities are fun for the whole family.

University Methodist Church Pumpkin Festival

If you want to do something free with the family on Saturday hit up the University Methodist Church at 3405 Taft Boulevard. The kids can come out and paint some pumpkins, eat some food (hopefully some candy), play some carnival games and the night will end with a showing of 'Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin'. The event kicks off at 6 this Saturday and you can get more info on the church's website.


Red River Pumpkin Patch Opens Saturday

Just a short 45 minute drive from Wichita Falls is Davidson, Oklahoma. The Red River Pumpkin Patch is getting ready for some exciting weekends in October. On Saturdays and Sundays you will be able to get some pumpkins, corn mazes, and hay rides to name some of the fun activities you can do.


However, the thing I am most excited about. The Haunted Corn Maze. I love a corn maze, but one at night seems like way more fun. From 8 PM to midnight Saturdays in October, you can take part in this event. I know we have a bunch of haunted trails in our area that open up in October. I don't know of that many corn mazes that are open up that late in October. For more info, check out the Red River Pumpkin Patch Facebook.


I know we will have A LOT more Halloween activities coming up this next month. If you know of any going on throughout Texoma. Send them my way.

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