Today is National Sandwich Day and I was going to do a post on the best sandwich shops in town, but then I remembered. We have some super unique sandwiches in town.

Every day is some stupid holiday and I tend to ignore 99% of them. However, a day where I am encouraged to enjoy a sandwich? Yeah, I'll sign the hell up for that. Let's give some of our local sandwich shops some love on this important of holidays.

By the way, some assh*** every time I do one of these goes, "OH MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU FORGOT SUBWAY!" Local people! LOCAL to Wichita Falls only! Can't make this clear enough.

P2-Steak on Garlic

Steak on Garlic
Photo Credit: Dave Diamond/Townsquare Media ©2016

When I think Wichita Falls, I think Steak on Garlic with a Red Draw. It is the Wichita Falls meal in my opinion. Simple, yet so different at the same time. That garlic bread makes all the difference in the world. Garlic makes everything better...well except my breath after eating one.

8th Street Coffee House - French Toast Sandwich

French toast is an ELITE breakfast option. Typically comes with a side of eggs and bacon right? 8th Street Coffee House throws it all together for one epic sandwich. My stomach literally growled typing this. Doing this while hungry was very dumb on my part.

Gidget's Sandwich Shack-Pretzel Melt Sandwich

Gidget's does A LOT of the traditional sandwiches amazingly well. Throw a dart at a sandwich on the menu and you will hit something good. One that sticks out that a lot of places don't do is their pretzel melt. If you don't like pretzels, we can't be friends.

Deli Planet-Texan Hoagie

Want a big ass sandwich? Go to Deli Planet, you won't leave hungry. Always get a side of tots to go along with it though. I actually have two here, the widow maker cheese steak is really good, but the Texan Hoagie is so Texas I love it. Instead of traditional chicken, you get chicken fried steak meat inside. Let's go!

Progress and Provisions - Korean Chicken Sandwich

If you got the Texas Bucket List coming to try your food, you're doing something right. Look at that thing! So flavorful and always hits the spot. Progress and Provisions do a lot of things right, but this is probably the best thing on their menu.

Willie's Place-Grilled Cheese Burger

Let the debate a cheeseburger a sandwich? I've always been on the no side of this argument. A cheeseburger is its own separate thing. You can maybe convince me with a compelling argument, but I will never be a hot dog is sandwich person. However, I think Willie's cheats the system here. They take two grilled cheeses (clearly a sandwich) and put a burger in between them. I think that qualifies as 100% a sandwich, no arguments here.

Karat Bar and Bistro - Karat Club

When I think of sandwiches, I think of your standard club sandwich. If I am sketchy on a new restaurant, I will give the club sandwich a try. Usually pretty safe and it's hard to mess that up. Our friends in downtown Wichita Falls have a MUCH more fancy club sandwich. Check out that avocado. Definitely a unique take on a classic.

Parkway Grill-Littlest Skyscraper Burger

So if we count a burger as a sandwich, we have to throw this big monstrosity onto the list. Technically not on the menu, but I think if you ask nicely they will do it for you. By the way, you have to do the six onion rings and attempt to break my record of under 17 minutes. Good Luck!

What Did I Miss?

I am sure someone is yelling at their device right now saying, "I CAN"T BELIEVE YOU FORGOT!" Let me know in the comments what I should try. I was trying to show off some different things in Wichita Falls that you can only get here. Hopefully you think my list is good, but I am always willing to give something new a try.

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