A present that will certainly last a lifetime. 

11-year-old Landon Rice got the most amazing gift on Christmas Day this year. His step-dad officially adopted him. The official certificate reads, 'This is to certify that Landon Ryan Rice will be formally adopted by Daniel Rice February 2017. It's not flesh and blood, but the heart that makes us father and son.'

Landon's mom Janelle shared the video on Facebook on Sunday and it has been viewed over 36 million times. She told InsideEdition.com that Landon was just 5 months old when she met Daniel, an Air Force veteran. "Daniel immediately became Landon's father in his mind — there was never a question," she said.

The couple went on to have two more children, Peyton, now 9, and Jaelyn, now 8, but "they're all treated one and the same," Janelle said. She knew it meant a lot to Landon and thought he might shed a tear or two. She didn't think he would lose it like he did.

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