Imagine coming home and your place is completely empty. Then everything you own has been thrown in the trash.

Brandy Mason was living in an apartment up in Bethany, Oklahoma. The apartment complex is Western Oaks and Brandy was the first to admit she was behind on her rent. She had been given notice of a failure to pay and that eviction procedures would begin on November 13. Brandy returned home on November 11 and her house was completely empty.

Everything in her apartment had been thrown in apartment dumpsters. Brandy told KFOR she was in the process of getting money for a deposit for her electric bill and also backpay on rent. She thought she had a few more days, but Western Oaks decided eviction was that day.

It would appear Western Oaks thought Brandy had already abandoned the apartment since the power had been shut off. So they cleared her stuff out and they think they followed business as usual according to her lease. I normally side with the owners in these cases. You can't have someone just living in an apartment for free.

For once, I am on the tenant's side. She clearly has until November 13 on the notice she was given and her stuff was thrown out prior to that date. Brandy says she had belongings like family photos that she cannot replace. I hope Brandy fights this and I wish her all the luck in that case.

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