For someone who claims to be all about faith and religion. Not really good optics with your new campaign governor.

I got to be honest, I'm the worst Catholic went it comes to Lent. I never made it the 40 days giving up something. I would occasionally slip up and eat meat on Fridays. I've never claimed to be a very religious person. Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt however does claim to be very religious.

On his website, Stitt brags about his father being pastor. It also says "Stitt is a man driven by faith and family. He has been married to his wife, Sarah, for nearly 20 years and together they have six children and live in Tulsa. The Stitts are active members of Woodlake Church in Tulsa." So some folks are questioning the Governor's new campaign this week.

We have two more weeks in Lent and Governor Kevin Stitt is proposing for all Oklahomans to eat meat all week. I get what he's doing. Support the local Oklahoma farmers this week by picking up a steak, some chicken breasts or some pork chops. However, some folks are calling out the governor for not observing Lent. Since he should probably not be eating meat the whole week like his campaign says.

Some are saying that Governor Stitt is only doing this because Governor Polis in Colorado is doing a meatless week. I think Stitt's plan to stick it to the other governor might have backfired on him because some are now questioning how faithful he actually is.

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