That better be some damn good coffee. 

I don’t know about you, but I would hit the roof if someone overcharged me by a few dollars for a $10 coffee run, much less over $4,000. But that’s exactly what happened to a man in Tulsa. 

Jason O’Dell was making his usual morning coffee run at the Starbucks at the corner of East 90 Street and South Yale Avenue back on Saturday, January 7, according to Fox 23. He typically gets the same thing for he and his wife, which costs about $10.

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Little did he know that this time around he was in for a big surprise once the charge hit his bank. 

A couple of days after the coffee run, his wife Deedee took their four kids to the mall. But when she tried to make a purchase at one of the stores using the same card that was used for the Starbucks run, it was declined. Thinking there was some sort of mistake, Deedee had them run the card again, and again, and again. 

And every time, it was declined. She then told the workers at the store that she would be right back and left to check the account. 

That’s when Deedee discovered that Starbucks had charged them an additional $4,444.44 for the coffee. 

She then reached out to the Starbucks district manager about the incident. The manager explained to her that they were experiencing a network issue involving a “sticky button.” 

Ultimately, Starbucks attempted to make it right by sending the O’Dells two separate checks that equaled the total amount of $4,444.44. 

However, both checks bounced when they tried to deposit them. 

A Starbucks customer service representative assured the O’Dells that they would send them new checks, but as of this posting, the couple hasn’t received the checks. 

After hearing that, I don’t believe I’ll be making any purchases from Starbucks any time soon.

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