Wow, this is a major blow to the state of Oklahoma if these reports are true.

Oklahoma has had two big hits on their hands when it comes to television shows over the past couple of years. FX's Reservation Dogs was shot on location in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Then you had Tulsa King on the Paramount Network, not shocking this one was shot in Tulsa. Turns out, Tulsa King is Oklahoma.

Tulsa King Moving On

According to a report from The Oklahoman, they have gotten word that Tulsa King will not be filmed in the state for season 2. The Oklahoma Film and Music Office said they were never contacted about filming here for season two. However, they said the series is welcome to film here in the future. Season 2 is set to be released this November, so shooting will start in the next couple of months.

Prairie Surf Media out of Oklahoma City was the production studio that did a bunch of the work for the TV show. They released a statement saying they're remaining positive that the show may come back in the future and that they wish them well. “We cannot be disappointed if productions need to go somewhere else to fulfill their financial needs,” said the statement. “This was a win for Oklahoma.”

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Back in 2021, the State of Oklahoma created the Film in Oklahoma Act. This would encourage folks to come film projects in Oklahoma and receive a minimum of a tax break of 20%. That could increase to 38% for the more work you do in the state. Things like filming in a more rural part of the state or signing on to a multi film/multi season deal. A full breakdown is up on the State of Oklahoma site.

I know this is a huge blow for the state of Oklahoma and hopefully another big project is on the way. Tulsa King was green lit for season two just three episodes into their first season. The Paramount Network loved the turnout for the show ratings wise, but I guess something didn't work out in Oklahoma for them to continue filming there.

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