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Long Awaited Travel Center Off Highway 287 Gets Permits

Apparently this has been in the works since 2019. However, with everything that went on in 2020, this project has been delayed several times. Looks like Bowie, Texas will be getting a travel center similar to the one in Henrietta, Texas.

Texas Best Smokehouse Travel Center of Henrietta

Google Maps
Google Maps

Driving down Highway 287, this is one of the nicer places you can fill up your vehicle traveling from Dallas to Wichita Falls. It has a Steak and Shake, Texas Best BBQ, and a pretty massive convenience store. Plus it's one of the few options for electric vehicle charging along Highway 287 between Dallas and Wichita Falls that is 24/7.

Bowie Travel Center Somewhere in This Area?

Google Maps
Google Maps

The Bowie News is reporting that a permit has been approved for a similar travel center off of Highway 287 North and Farm to Market Road 1125. The exit sign for FM 1125 is right where the Bowie Walmart is located. The plan as of right now is to open a 9,100 square foot building that includes gasoline sales and a convenience store. Taco Bell and Starbucks have supposedly agreed to open locations here as well.

When Will This Be Done?

Honestly, no one knows yet. Looks like the permits have been approved, but no word on when construction will begin. I will never complain about having more options to stop and use a bathroom along Highway 287. We will wait and see what happens. Can't wait to check it out.

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