This is one of the scummiest things you could do as a person.

People like to take advantage of people's generosity. You would like to think someone wouldn't lie about cancer, especially when it's about a 4-year-old child. That is exactly what Jessica Good did. She told her community of Enid, Oklahoma that her daughter was diagnosed with cancer, but that was not all. Listen to all the diseases this mother lied about.

She had a tumor removed from her brain as a baby, her lymphoma diagnosis, the seizures and stem cell research, a nut allergy, cerebral palsy, the heart transplant waiting list. This little girl had allegedly been through a lot and the town wanted to help. Jessica raised over twenty thousand dollars for her daughter.

A construction company mailed the mom a $500 check. A golf outing raised $12,000. Another $3,100 was collected by a local photography studio. And during the duration of the preschooler’s short, seemingly afflicted life, the family’s house of worship, Oakwood Christian Church, had given the Goods at least $5,000 to cover medical expenses and mortgage payments, reported the Enid News.

People started to get suspicious when the girl going through chemotherapy looked surprisingly healthy. She had all her hair and the mother kept raising the stakes of her daughter's ailments. Also the local church offered to help out by taking the daughter to her medical treatments, but the family always declined.

The Oakwood Christian Church were the first ones to report the family on possible fraud charges. “Nothing indicated that the child was being treated for cancer or had cancer,” Capt. Jack Morris with the Enid Police Department told local TV station News 9.

Jessica Good has been charged on three felony counts of obtaining money or property by false pretense for charitable or benevolent purposes and another felony charge of child abuse. She posted bail this Friday and it's unclear of her plea in the case.