Every high school has the big rivalry game every year and one up in Oklahoma is getting a little ugly before the big game.

Up in Norman, Oklahoma this weekend, the Crosstown Clash is going down. This is the annual game between Norman North High School and Norman High School. The game is scheduled for this Friday. However, images are going around that are infuriating students and faculty from both schools.


The image in question is from George Floyd's murder where Officer Derek Chauvin is kneeling on Floyd's neck. Someone put Norman North High School's logo on top of Chauvin's face and the Norman High School logo is on top of Floyd's face. The school district released the following statement on the situation.

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“Yesterday we were made aware of a disturbing social media post from a student regarding the upcoming Crosstown Clash football game. The insensitive nature of the post and the underlying message are completely inappropriate and unacceptable. School administration is investigating this matter and will handle the situation in accordance with district policy.”

I think we all used to have fun in high school our rival's logo. My school hated a team that was the Cardinals and we had our logo shaking a bird cage with a cardinal in it. All in good fun, parents and students in this instance believes this is way too far for a simple high school football game. “The game is supposed to be a big friendly rivalry, and they’re turning it into something it doesn’t have to be,” one parent said.

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