Need to get this kid on the field. Let him put that strength to good use.

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Oklahoma State University police department are currently looking for a student that ripped a full bleacher seat from out of the stands on Saturday's game. The Cowboys won 45-13, plus it was homecoming weekend. So folks were amped up after the game. The police do admit they don't know if it is a student, just a fan, or maybe someone who was rooting for the Cinncinatti Bearcats. I know I would want to rip a seat out if I saw my team lose 45-13.

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“We’re asking the individual to turn himself in so we can get this taken care of, but we’ll ask for the public help in identifying this person. Our investigations department will of course will investigate until we find out who he is and most likely we will find out who he is,” said Leon Jones Oklahoma State's Chief of Police.

Watch the Video of the Incident Below

The majority of the comments on the video talk about how the seats are actually falling apart already. So maybe this feat of strength isn't as cool as I think it is. Either way, the individual will likely face a small vandalism charge. Anyone who recognizes this person can call 405-744-3573 for tips.

We will see if a new bleacher can get installed for Saturday. The big rivalry game against the Sooners is this Saturday at Oklahoma State.

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