By and large, I'm not much of a reality t.v. show fan.  I've only watched two episodes of "Survivor" for it's entire run.  Didn't really do much for me.  "Jersey Shore" made me want to puke.  But I've found some common ground with one series: "Duck Dynasty"!  Their story is remarkable.  Their business, Duck Commander, has grown into a multimillion dollar business since Phil Robertson founded the business over 40 years ago.

A couple of the guys were in town for Deer Fest last summer and the crowd went nuts over them.  I have far more in common with the Robertson's than I do with most anything or anyone else on t.v. today.  They're my kinda folks.  The premiere of season 3 is just a week away and you can be sure I'll be in my recliner, iced tea in hand, to welcome Phil, Jep, Uncle Si and Willie and family into my living room once again.  In case you just aren't up to speed on these guys, here's a sample.

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