Here's a job opportunity you can really ... um ... relish ...

Oscar Mayer is looking for a few new drivers for their world famous Wienermobile and you have until the end of the month to apply.

According to Oscar Mayer the job title is 'Hot Dogger' and the responsibilities include driving a 27 foot Wienermobile around the country for a year.

To qualify for the position you must have a bachelor's degree, preferably in something like public relations, marketing, advertising, or something along those lines. You also need to be outgoing and friendly, have a valid driver's license, and be ready to spend a year on the road. As a Hot Dogger you'll be responsible for creating social media, travel logistics, TV and Radio appearances, and more as you engage in at least 200 events over the course of your one year assignment. You can see all of the job requirements on the online job listing.

Every now and then the Wienermobile makes its way to the Wichita Falls area and when they came through in 2015 I actually got to go for a ride. Believe me when I tell you, absolutely nothing on the road draws more attention and gets more smiles from kids than the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

Dave Diamond

They had planned their trip to coincide with our downtown Zombie Crawl that year and that drew even more attention to this iconic piece of American pop culture.

Dave Diamond

The job posting on the Kraft Heinz website doesn't promise zombie encounters or give any specific salary information but it's probably around $30K. You may not get rich driving a giant Wienermobile around the country, but it's a safe bet you'll have a good time and make some incredible memories. Like a zombie child blowing his Oscar Mayer Weenie-whistle in front of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. Ya just don't see things like that every day.

Dave Diamond

If you're interested you have until January 31st to apply online.

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