Remember when going to Pizza Hut was an experience? Well now you can relieve that nostalgia at these locations across Texas.

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Pizza Hut in Louisiana
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^If you grew up in the 80's or 90's, you know that Pizza Hut is not supposed to look like this. To me, Pizza Hut was a restaurant you would go sit down in and enjoy the atmosphere. Those red cups, deep dish pizzas coming out in those super hot skillets and the Pizza Hut fireplace.

Yeah, If Your Pizza Hut Had a Fireplace, That Was Fine Dining

These Retro Pizza Huts Are Popping Up All Over Texas

Now that's what Pizza Hut should look like and if you miss those. Pizza Hut are opening up locations called Pizza Hut Classic that bring back all those childhood memories. Apparently we have nine operating currently in Texas. Someone went to the location in Hempstead, Texas and showed it off this week.

Inside of a Pizza Hut Classic in Texas

Essentially you just need those table lamps and that red/white checkered table covers to give me all the nostalgia I need. The red cups are there, the super hot skillet pizzas, they even had a poster for Book It! Yeah, remember when kids got free pizza for reading books?

Pizza Hut Classic Locations Texas

According to The Retrologist Guide, here are the nine Pizza Hut Classics currently operating in Texas.

  • Pizza Hut Classic 107 State Hwy 71 Bastrop, Texas
  • Pizza Hut Classic 201 Pena St. Carrizo Springs, Texas
  • Pizza Hut Classic 601 N. Neches St. Coleman, Texas
  • Pizza Hut Classic 905 US-84 Fairfield, Texas
  • Pizza Hut Classic 1104 E Main St. Fredericksburg, Texas
  • Pizza Hut Classic 312 US Hwy 90A E Gonzales, Texas
  • Pizza Hut Classic 637 Hwy 290 Hempstead, Texas
  • Pizza Hut Classic 801 19th St. Hondo, Texas
  • Pizza Hut Classic 826 W 2nd St. Mercedes, Texas

We will wait and see if more open up soon. I would definitely go check one out if one opened up near me.

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