Need to feed a village? Call these guys up.

Prepare Yourself for the Biggest Pizza in Texas

People go for World Records all the time, but Dirt Road Cookers out of Hondo, Texas travel all over the state making giant pies all the time. Heck, all over the country bringing people massive pizzas. The smallest they will do is six feet around, but they go all the way to twelve feet around.

How Do You Order?

Obviously, you will need to order one WAY in advance. No spur of the moment I want a twelve foot pizza tonight for dinner. It's a team of eight people that have to prepare your massive pizza. Lifting that giant thing is not easy. The guys come with the oven attached to a trailer. Pull up to your event and get that pizza ready so it is as fresh as possible. No need to worry about it getting cold in a box. Out of the oven and ready for you right there.

They Can Even Do Designs for Your Pizza

Many companies use these guys for big corporate parties. They can design your logo with pepperonis or whatever. They can also do messages and as you can see above. Super cool unicorn designs.

What Kind of Pizza Can You Get?

How Much Does it Cost?'s not cheap. You're getting a lot of food. So remember that. An eight foot pizza will cost you at least $800. You have to pay for the team's travel, so depending on how far you're that will vary.

If you want more on Dirt Road Cookers epic Texas sized pizzas. Check out their website and if you book one. Call me up so I can have a slice.

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