After notifying next of kin, the Plano Police Department have officially announced the identities of those killed during a Sunday night football party.

Sunday night at 8pm, officers responded to a weapons call at the 1700 block of W. Spring Creek Pkwy in Plano, TX. When the first officer arrived, he heard gunshots inside the home. Investigating, the officer discovered the shooter, Spencer James Hight, and fatally shot him.

Shooting victim Meredith Hight and the shooter, her estranged husband Spencer.
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The home belonged to Spencer's estranged wife Meredith, who was hosting a football party. Reports are that Spencer crashed the party, and after a confrontation with Meredith, Spencer was seen pulling out a gun and opened fire. Nine victims were shot, with seven dying at the scene, one dying at the hospital, and one still alive in the hospital's care. The victims have been identified as,

  • Meredith Emily Hight, a 27-year-old female
  • Anthony Michael Cross, a 33-year-old male
  • Olivia Nicole Deffner, a 24-year-old female
  • James Richard Dunlop, a 29-year-old male
  • Darryl William Hawkins, a 22-year-old male
  • Rion Christopher Morgan, a 31-year-old male
  • Myah Sade Bass, a 28-year-old female
  • Caleb Seth Edwards, a 25-year-old male

Meredith and Spencer would have celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary yesterday, however, the couple hadn't lived together since March and Meredith had filed for divorce. Meredith's mother Debbie Lane told CBS 11 that Meredith had filed for divorce due to Spencer's alcoholism and refusal to seek treatment,

After two years of trying to get him in treatment, trying to get him to stop, trying to help him… she said, enough is enough. She made every effort she could… and could leave that relationship with no regrets.