For several years, I would start my summer with a trip North to visit my family about this time of year. The drive would always take me through the same small town on Memorial Day morning. I think that town had at least one flag for each resident and they were lined up throughout what I'm sure they called Memorial Park, right along the highway that ran through their community.

I wonder why it is that Memorial Day is celebrated so much more in the small towns across this great country than it is in the larger cities. Perhaps it's because we get so busy running hither and yon that we never stop long enough to think about it. Perhaps it's because losing even two or three young men on fields of combat halfway around the world was a huge blow to the entire community. Whatever the reason, this one small town always had a huge celebration with a parade, vintage cars, veterans, and hundreds of flags.

On those occasions, and pretty much every time I see the flag, I'm reminded of the pledge of allegiance. You know it, we all learned it in grade school. One of my favorite explanations of the pledge comes from Red Skelton, a radio and television comedian from years ago. His succinct and insightful explanation of these thirty-one simple, yet profound, words is even more brilliant today than it was when this was recorded years and years ago.

I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend, filled with family, friendship and fun. And when you happen to glance up to see Old Glory waving in the breeze, I hope you'll give a thought to what it stands for and to those who gave their all to protect not only our freedoms, but those of others around the world.

While you're at it, thank a veteran.

Dave D.