You never know what you may stumble upon on YouTube.

Whenever I am looking for stuff to talk about, I will literally just type Wichita Falls into YouTube to see what pops up. Well today I saw a video labeled 'I Hate Wichita Falls'.


^Felt like Leo in 'Django Unchained', well sir you have my attention.

This is from a podcast called Roughneck 2 Real Estate. Apparently this dude was not a fan of our city when it comes to real estate. Now obviously, this is a 20 second clip out of context from the podcast, let me see if I can find the full segment so we can fully analyze his exact hatred of Wichita Falls.

Above you will see the full podcast the clip is from. Don't worry, I found the portion you will want to listen to. If you want the full thing, fast forward to the 3:30 mark in the video. Apparently someone has 30 properties they're trying to sell in Wichita Falls? The actual 'I hate Wichita Falls' clip starts at 4:18.

Weird Things to Hate Wichita Falls for

Apparently one of our lovely townsfolk showed this guy his gun. This guy also uses Texas Roadhouse as a landmark for everything when he travels, even one of his hosts calls him out on it. Guess he just eats at Texas Roadhouse while traveling. Those damn rolls are addicting my man. However he does say our Roadhouse waitresses are a 'little methed up'.

What night did he go to Texas Roadhouse?! Anyway, this guy knew what he was doing putting that up as a clip. Trying to get hate clicks and why not. This is "COREY THOMPSON THE MOTHERF*CKER OF MOBILE HOMES!!! The most feared phenom in the real estate." Quote from the actual Facebook page.

I don't see Corey investing in properties in Wichita Falls anytime soon, but who knows maybe he just needs another tour of our city.

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