Another big Powerball jackpot tonight, but be sure you check that ticket.

Powerball Jackpot Currently at $1.55 Billion

I am sure plenty of folks will be going to pick up a Powerball ticket before the big drawing tonight, but I think some people don't realize something. Just because you did not win the huge jackpot, you could still be a winner with the Texas Lottery.

Sadly, Texans Have Thrown Out Millions of Dollars

The Texas Lottery keeps track of their unclaimed prize money. Since 2007, 330 million dollars has gone unclaimed by individuals. Once a drawing happens, Texans have 180 days to claim their prize. After the time, the unclaimed money goes back into the jackpot for whatever game it is to help boost it up.

Powerball is the Biggest Waster

Without a doubt the most unclaimed money comes from Powerball tickets. $8.5 million dollars was eligible for winning Texas tickets. People either threw them away or forgot to check. When it comes to the Powerball the most expensive unclaimed ticket ever in Texas is from College Station.

Powerball Drawing on October 27, 2018

If you know anybody that lives in College Station and buys their tickets at Valero Corner Store #547, located at 603 Harvey Road. They threw away a Powerball ticket worth two million dollars. The Texas Lottery has more of these horror stories, if you want to read more.

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Just a Reminder...ALWAYS...CHECK...YOUR...TICKETS

Maybe you won't win the over billion dollar jackpot tonight, but you could win something. Always scan your tickets using the Texas Lottery app or the machines where you bought the tickets. Don't be dumb like these people and literally throw your winnings away.

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