How in the hell is this anything a kid should be learning in school?!

As many of you know, I did not grow up here in Texas. I know for a fact at my elementary school we did not have a day where we learned about slurs. Sure, I heard them from s***head kids at my school growing up. Don't remember my elementary school teacher handing me an assignment with the N-word on it.

Above you can check out the assignment that was given to a class at Rancier Middle School in Killeen, Texas. Apparently one of the kids in class was at the local Boys and Girls Club this week and wanted some help with their homework. They took it to a worker there and she was shocked that this was homework for the kids from the school.

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EIGHT PAGES of homework for kids to do. It's basically just games with slurs, but why on Earth should a kid need to know this information. Is it to teach them not to use these words? How about we just punish the kids that use them in class and not have a full discussion on them WITH HOMEWORK.

Apparently, this is not a part of the school's curriculum. I am glad to see the Killeen ISD worked quickly and got this teacher fired. No review on this one, you're outta here. Dr. John Craft, the district's superintendent, said in a letter on Thursday sent to parents. "There is no argument to condone such an offensive gesture, and we deeply regret the assignment was ever created and distributed to even a small group of students."

Don't know why this teacher went rogue and said we're learning about slurs today. Hopefully they never teach any kid again because if they thought this was a good idea. Oh boy.

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