A meteorologist for KRLD-AM in Dallas has resigned after a Facebook comment he posted about the Democratic National Convention.

Bob Goosmann posted on Facebook after mothers of those killed while in police custody appeared on stage at the DNC,


Goodmann's use of "thug" and that all the mothers were African-American lead many to accuse Goodmann's comment of being racially motivated, which he has denied, commenting on DallasNews.com,

I used the word thugs in my post, but I thought a thug was just a violent person. The definition of thug does not mention any race. I will say I talked with an African American acquaintance and he told me that he feels like when he hears the word, it is in reference to an African American individual. I had NO IDEA.

Goodmann said that his issue was that the grieving mothers were being used as a political ploy for votes. The original post and Goodmann's Twitter account have both since been deleted. Paul Mann, KRLD's news director, announced Friday that Goodmann had resigned. Goodmann reitereated that it was his decision to resign, but the station would have had a right to fire him as his comments, no matter the place, reflect on the business and station he represents.

Goodmann says he has no plans to return to broadcasting but will continue to be passionate about meteorology.