Pro-Choice supporters are slamming the state's recently revised abortion booklet, saying it isn't based in science and makes doctors to give misinformation to patients.

Since 2003, the state has required that doctors provide potential abortion patients with a booklet titled 'A Woman's Right to Know', and the woman must wait 24 hours after receipt of the booklet to have the procedure. The Department of State Health Services has produced an updated booklet, the first update since its creation, and will be going over the comments made against the revisions, not the booklet as a whole. According to CBS, Pro-Choice groups have generated over 5,000 comments against the booklet.

One of the criticized claims in the booklet, present since its initial publishing, is that having a baby will make a woman less susceptible to breast cancer than a woman having an abortion, saying, "Research indicates that having an abortion will not provide you this increased protection against breast cancer." However, the American Cancer Society has disputed this claim.

The booklet also indicates the potential for depression and thoughts of suicide after an abortion, and that legislation has banned abortion after 20-weeks due to the potential of fetal pain. The latter claim is also being disputed by peer-reviewed studies that say fetal pain is likely not to occur until the 30th week.

Alexa Garcia-Ditta of NARAL Pro-Choice Texas has spoken out against the booklet, saying that its more political than medical,

This is driven by political ideology and not science. It requires doctors to give their patients misinformation.