Would you take your car up this thing on a road trip? I don't think some vehicles could make it up this thing by the looks of it.

Ever Heard of the Rainbow Bridge in Texas?

You probably thought the rainbow bridge is what your pet crosses once they pass away. Actually the Rainbow Bridge is real and sits right here in Texas. If you can believe it this massive thing was built in 1936 as a passage for massive naval ships. They wanted a bridge that would allow access to the tallest battle ship at the time, the USS Pakota. Guess what...the Pakota never even went under this bridge once it was completed.

Check Out the Rainbow Bridge Below:

Citizens in Port Arthur, Texas use this massive thing to get across the Neches river. At it's peak, you will be sitting 680 feet in the air. For comparison, the tallest roller coaster at Six Flags Over Texas is the Titan. That only sits 245 feet in the air. This thing looks like a hill on a roller coaster and some folks cannot handle the trip.

Straight on Shot of the Infamous Rainbow Bridge

The Bridge Will Close When Snow and Ice Hits

We have all seen the signs, "Bridge Ices Before Road". The Rainbow Bridge is no different, they don't mess around and just shut the bridge down when ice hits. It looks like a pileup just waiting to happen on a cold winter day.

What Do You Do If You Can't Handle the Rainbow Bridge?

Locals have folks all the time ask, what else can I do to get across the river? Well the next closest way across the Neches River is thirty miles away. So that's a pretty significant detour. Many say it's worth it because they fell like they will have a panic attack driving over the infamous Rainbow Bridge.

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As you can the Rainbow Bridge is one way, another bridge runs parallel to it called the Veteran's Memorial Bridge. Up until 1997, the Rainbow Bridge was actually a two way bridge. The Rainbow Bridge now only deals with the westbound traffic. If you ever make your way to Port Arthur, Texas check out the Rainbow Bridge on your next trip, if you're not afraid of heights.

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