A man was frustrated after a woman used gym equipment to do hip thrusts. An argument ensued, resulting in him getting reported to the gym's staff. When he shared the situation on Reddit, however, he sparked a debate about gym etiquette.

The man explained he was working out and needed to use the gym's in-demand flat bench. However, a woman was using it to do hip thrusts, so he inquired about how much longer she might be.

"This looked weird, but regardless I went up to her and asked how many sets she has, to which she said one. I decided to wait until she's done with her exercise," he wrote in his post.

"It looks extremely bad to do any other exercise that can be done at a different spot where people don't have to wait. However, I let the lady do her exercise. She then tells me with attitude, 'Why don't you do another exercise until I'm done?' to which I say, 'I'll just wait until you're finished with your set,'" he continued.

The woman clapped back, calling him impatient and telling him he didn't know gym etiquette.

"I respond with, 'Maybe you shouldn't be doing hip thrusts at a flat bench if you don't want people constantly waiting.' She then reports me to the staff," he wrote.

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The gym staff appeared to side with the man. However, they reminded him that people can use the facility's equipment for any exercise they want.

"I told her I was aware, which is why I waited until the lady was done," the man added.

In the comments section, Reddit was split on opinions, and a heated debate on gym etiquette erupted.

"[He's] right though, she is being weird and rude. Imagine all the treadmills are full, and someone is just doing jumping jacks on one of them. You'd rightfully be pretty annoyed," one user wrote.

"I don't see anything rude about asking how many sets she has left, then waiting patiently for her to be done," someone else commented.

"No, no. Asking someone, 'How many sets do you have left?' is 100% normal, appropriate gym behavior. I'm not sure I would have handled this the same way ... but the way he initiated this conversation was not wrong at all," another weighed in.

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