The forecast for Saturday is looking good for a scavenger hunt and that's exactly what Bike Wichita Falls has in mind.

Join the fun from 11 to 1 this Saturday (04.10.21) at Lake Wichita Park for another Ride and Seek scavenger hunt. The first event was back in 2019 - you know, pre-pandemic - and everyone had a blast so they're doing it again.

The scavenger hunt starts by Murphy's Mountain at Lake Wichita Park at 5205 Fairway Boulevard. From there the hunt extends out along the Circle Trail.

Ride and Seek via Facebook

The event is free and family friendly for all ages. You can walk, cycle, skate, or even ride your scooter as you explore the trail and learn more about Lake Wichita.

But Lake Wichita Park is a big place and there's more than just a scavenger hunt at this event, there's also a cyclocross course and disc golf games.

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Ride and Seek is hosted by Bike Wichita Falls, a group working to improve the quality of life in our community and make our city a safer place to cycle.

Bike Wichita Falls will also be giving away a few kids bikes and helmets at the event. If you're on the bubble as to whether helmets are necessary for your kid when they're riding their bikes, just ask one of the Bike Wichita Falls folks and they'll explain to just how important they are for all cyclists.

Dave Diamond

Ride and Seek is this Saturday from 11 to 1 and it's the perfect way to get outside, get some exercise, enjoy the sunshine, spend some time with your kids, and learn about Lake Wichita at at the same time.

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